The Reinvention of Daily Life

A group of six young people work with illustrator and artist Kavel Rafferty to create large-scale street art pieces. Found objects, photography and drawings provide patterns, textures and shapes to combine with studio developments in paint, cut-outs, print, stencils and colour. We will find beauty in the mundane and banal, the everyday and the un- noticed. Research and individual inspiration will inform these abstract works and a new, collective language will be cultivated through these processes to create compositions for these open air artworks. Works will be installed in boarded up windows/doors, on disused buildings and vacant walls. Works will be framed by the buildings; redecorating Margate with Margate.

The second phase of this project is supported by the Margate Festival in conjunction with the Turner Prize 2019. The group will extend this process to the streets of Margate in new locations.