The Hartsdown Exchange

The Hartsdown Exchange is an alternative creative curriculum for young people aged 13-15 from Hartsdown Academy, Margate. Participants work with artists and educators in a multi-disciplinary arts programme to build confidence and self-esteem while gaining a unique insight into the potential of their creative abilities. Work is centred on themes of identity, place and culture to create and alternative space in which to explore and engage with their artistic ideas, while developing a greater sense of agency. We are working with University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and Kent and Medway Collaborative Outreach Programme (KaMCOP) to increase access to the arts and provide pathways to continued education or employment. Projects are exhibited annually at Turner Contemporary, Margate.

‘It’s helped me sort out my plans, now I have a clear vision of what I want to do’
— Participant of The Hartsdown Exchange
2017 cohort with Ollie Briggs and Emrys Plant

2017 cohort with Ollie Briggs and Emrys Plant

Animation and Music

Workshops led by Young Animators Club and Tom Vek introduced participants to experimental stop frame animation techniques and music production. This led to an exciting multi-disciplinary collaboration resulting in the videos below. ALL music and animation was created by young people with the guidance of these brilliant practitioners.


Poetry & Film Making

Emrys Plant 2018

Emrys Plant 2018

poem bw.jpg
killing clouds.jpg

UCA workshops


Our partners, University for the Creative Arts, delivered some brilliant workshops, including performance, slimb sculptures and photomontage.



The Margate Exchange 2018 Poster TK1.jpg

We were all so proud to finally present work from the project at Turner Contemporary in July 2018. The work displayed represented the energy and creativity of the participants and evoked a huge sense of pride for all involved.

‘The collaboration with Arts Education Exchange has been extremely successful. We sent some of our most disengaged students to the project and saw an increase in engagement in lessons and a corresponding decrease in poor behaviour. We also had positive feedback from parents who saw the difference in their children. I am looking forward to further collaboration.’ Matthew Tate, Headteacher Hartsdown Academy
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