The ARC Exchange

The ARC Exchange is an ongoing collaboration with the Hartsdown ARC, an offsite school provision for young people who struggle to access mainstream education. Throughout the year we will be working with students from the ARC in a range of creative activities to develop creative confidence and build skills that will enable progression.

‘I cannot praise the work they do enough - we have already seen the impact it is having on some of Hartsdown’s very complex students. They are all starting to take risks in a safe environment engaging and participating in activities well beyond their experiences to date’.
— Lynne Morris - Head of ARC

The Flying Seagulls

As an introduction to this year long project, we are thrilled to welcome The Flying Seagulls to deliver a 10 weeks course for our ARC students. Participants will be trained in magic, circus skills, music and performance and organise a local event to share their achievements. Running alongside these activities will be a team of young filmmakers from the ARC and Canterbury College, who will work with Margate Films to document the process.

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