Hartsdown Exchange blog take-over! by ollie briggs

Animals and us 

Hi, we are 5 students from Hartsdown Academy , Margate and today was our first day at the Arts Education Exchange studio. On Wednesday 12th September 2018 we walked to the Turner Contemporary in Margate where we filmed and captured many different pictures of our experiences. The exhibition was called Animals and Us. We had a long walk there because we were making videos on our way there. I enjoyed looking at all the artefacts because they all had their own backstory.

My favourite picture was a stranded polar bear. I was very impressed because polar bears don’t usually run on the beach and are usually out hunting for food. I was interested because the polar bear has the sunset and waves in front and behind it, I also liked the colours they used. 


The five words I would use to describe the artwork would be interesting, colourful, creative , upsetting and lonely because thats how the polar bear would feel and thats how the artist has made the viewers feel when they look at the picture.  

Some reflections after the exhibition