Work Experience / / by ollie briggs


Hi i’m Anisa, I am 15 years old & a keen photographer in Margate.

I am currently doing my weeks work experience at Arts Education Exchange, This week will be a test for me to see how I will cope in a work environment.

Monday/ -Monday consisted of me dabbling into some social media marketing. I had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas of ways we could improve various media platforms of ours. We started with an interactive button on instagram by asking the question of the day; “What is creativity for” we got a variety or responses and takes on what creativity is to them.

Tuesday/ -Today we carried on the questions in the morning for througout the day. I created a post for instagram explaining our support charities and how people can donate to us, then shared it to our other platforms. Soon our garden wall would be painted on so we painted all of the exterior walls white to create a blank canvas for that.